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Joseph Haskew and Lucy Townsend 1820--1880 SC-FL

Husband of Lucy

Elizabeth Sallie Haskew ,husband William Gramling
son Chandler- thanks to Vickie Theilacker for pic

4 Letters to Lucy Haskew click


        Joseph Haskew and Lucy were married and most of their children were  born in Marlboro Co.,SC  by 1860. John W. Haskew and Joseph had some kind of legal disagreement and after the case was settled, Joseph moved his family to  Florida.  JoAnne Harley located a filing in court between Joseph Haskew and John W. Haskew  in Marlboro County, SC, just prior to Joseph's family move to Florida .

      The Townsends  also moved there about the same time. The 1870 census says Joseph is 58 making his birth year abt 1812. Other census give other years making him younger. He is likely a early son of John Haskew. In the 1850 census he is an overseer.  The Townsend plantation was next to his. Notice Joseph's first sons name is John Townsend Haskew. The names Lucy and Parmelia are both  Townsend family names and Haskew family names in this line. Probably not a coincidence. Found on death certificates their mother is Lucy  Townsend. By looking at the census info it appears Joseph is a desendant of Zacheus brother Johns' son John and brother to Thomas H. Haskew. Thus the first name John from his father and the second name Townsend from Lucy's father  for their first born son, John Townsend Haskew.

      There are three major Haskew lines from this union; John Townsend Haskew,  Frank Benson Haskew, and Elizabeth Sallie Haskew. Joseph had moved to Madison Co. Florida where he is listed as a planter. By 1880, Lucy had died. John Townsend Haskew (a carpenter) had started his family in Monroe Co. Florida and had 7 children, no wife listed in 1885 Fl. census. The same year census in Suwanee Co. Fl., Frank Benson Haskew (a farmer) and Sarah Missouri Wilson had started their family.

          Sallie apparently lived with the parents and inherited the place when they died. Sally kept some letters  to Lucy from Frank Townsend to his ant Lucy.  She married and raised her family on the property.

          Our thanks to Vickie Theilacher (a descendant) for finding, preserving and sharing these gems found in an old trunk in the attic.

       There is also a letter to Lucy informing her of her sons death in the Civil War.






Descendants of Gladys Opal Haskew Above

 dau of Albert Ross Haskew

Page 1

20 May 2009

1. Gladys Opal Haskew (b. 1919)

  . sp: UNKNOWN

2. unknown Haskew

2. Alice Joan aka.Betty Jo Kelly Haskew (b.7 Mar 1940)

   sp: Joseph N. Sellers (m.1959)

3. Steven Edward Sellers 

   sp: Lisa Williams

4. Mason Edward Sellers 

4. Katherine Alise Sellers 

4. Jackson Edward Sellers

4. Reed Sellers 

3. Mark Nelson Sellers 

3. Susan Elaine Sellers 

   sp: UNKNOWN

4. Melissa Ayliffe Sellers 

   sp: Luke A. Phillips

5. Caidyn Phillips 

5. Taylor Phillips 

5. Ryen Phillips 

   sp: Baker

4. Stephanie Baker 

   sp: UNKNOWN

5. Jeffrey Ty Baker 

4. Howard Eugene Baker b1988;d.2006)




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