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Joseph Birdwell Haskew Story

Joseph Birdwell Haskew & Mary Rebecca Roberson
abt 1860


William Haskew and CatherineBreedlove  had a son, William, who had a son , Joseph Birdwell Haskew. Joseph married Mary Rebecca Roberson (despite her fathers objections.) Their firstborn son was watching a lightening storm from the front door when he was struck by lightening and killed.  They had 4 living children by the time the Civil War broke out. It is reported that Joseph was a cripple when he left his family for the war. He purchased horses for the army at one time. Apparently he was shot in a dispute between a local Florida sheriff (Jim Turner Levy co., Florida) and himself over which animals he should select for the Confederate Army use. 

  "Ever hear of anyone named Joseph B. Haskew?" "Haskew?" repeated Jim, looking puzzled." James Turner shot and killed Haskew in June of 1864," I said." That must have been the Union lieutenant who tried to confiscate Uncle Jim's heifer." Finally, I was getting somewhere. "Haskew was a Confederate  lieutenant?" "That's right. It was enduring the time when Cedar Key was being occupied by the Federals. He was in charge of requisitioning supplies for the troops. Uncle Jim told him he could have one of the steers, but not to take a heifer. A heifer was for milk. The lieutenant took a heifer, and Uncle Jim kilt him." "What did they do with Turner after he shot Haskew?" "Sent him to Federal prison at Savannah," said Jim, warming to his story. "He was incarcerated for over a year in a dungeon before the truce was called. Then they turned him loose, along with the rest of the political prisoners." ......

"The next morning, when I arrived at Jim's place, he got in the car, and we drove twenty miles inland to just east of Chiefland where the county seat of Levyville had stood. Getting out, we walked along a narrow dirt path until we reached a sagging metal fence circling a graveyard.Turner's grave was in between those of his two wives. The tombstone read: Born August 7, 1818: Died August 17, 1904. And beneath that the inscription: Here Rests the Husk of a Man Gone to Glory.Curious, I examined some of the surrounding tombstones. Directly below Turner's was that of Joseph B. Haskew. Born April 7, 1843: Died June 13, 1864. A Wayfarer There Was...I rubbed my eyes in disbelief. What possessed Turner to have himself buried above the man he murdered forty years earlier? Was it strictly coincidence that Haskew was buried at his feet? I pointed out Haskew's tombstone to Jim."Well, I'll be damned!" from editorial by - by David T. Warner- 

 Widowed, Mary  had a family of four young sons to raise, so moved  to her brothers plantation. 

       The four  sons went back to Florida to avenge their fathers murder. A family story goes that they took care of Jim Turner, however, Turner lived  to be much older, so part of the story is missing. When they returned from Florida  the boys and Robersons moved to Texas. Sam stopped by the boarding house in Pikeville, Tennessee and picked up Luther Lee  Haskew and took him to Texas with him. The four sons  moved to Texas in about 1870. John Clayborn "Clay" was killed while on his horse when lightening hit them, making him the second of Joseph's sons to die by lightening.. He had wished to die with his boots on.  His brother Joseph worked with him breaking broncos for Mr. Berry. It is said that Joseph was never thrown. 

       In Texas, Samuel Brown Haskew met and married Josephine Post. Their  family moved to New Mexico where they raised  12 children. Josephine died near the birth of her last child, Cecil Clay Haskew, my father. Cecil was raised by his sister, Annie, within the family unit. Cecil married  Helen Peterson, a Mormon girl he met in Sacramento, California. They had three children Kenneth, Lonnie, and Ray. Shortly after Rays birth Helen unexpectedly passed away at  the young age of 30. Later Cecil met and married Gladys Hooper a divorced mother and adopted her son, Richard. They then had two more sons, Michael and Ralph.

       The oldest son, Kenneth now owns the original family farm in New Mexico. Richard married Noreen Carsten and they have six children in Washington State.  

Samuel Brown Haskew & Winnie Josephine Post

Annie sister of Cecil

Dave, Paul, Mariah, Mike, Tammy, and Sarah

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Helen Nancy Peterson 1st wife of Cecil
Mother of Ken, Lonnie , and Ray Haskew

Cecil C. Haskew & Gladys L. Hooper

L-R Kenneth, Lonnie, Ray, Mike, Ralph &Richard

Richard and Noreen

Haskew Kids Photos

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