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Haskew Families of USA England
Hoopers of Perranzabuloe

City of Richmond
Hooper sailed to USA- 8 days

William Hooper and Honor Daw of Linkinhome, Cornwall, England


William Hooper 1688 and Honor Daw 1693 are the first in this line .They have four children- Thomas, John, Honor, and Mary. Through Thomas this line gets to Perranzabuloe, Cornwall where the mines of the area are legendary. Their descendants live there for several generations and are mostly miners. Then a family moves to Austrailia and settles there permanently. We then have a merging of two Hooper family lines. Simon Hooper 1800 and wife Margarett Ticket 1801 have descendants in the area and their son William Hooper 1847 marries Jane Louise Hooper a descendant of William and Honor’s. Their descendants are mostly miners. Most of their family along with some kin move to the United States on the ship "City of Richmond"on a 8 day voyage- Arrived in New York 25 Sept 1876 with a number of Hoopers (14). Left from Liverpool , England. From there they move to Grass Valley, California to mine for gold. There the last son Sydney T. Hooper is born and raised. He later moves to Sacramento, California where he and his first wife Elizabeth Rule raise their four daughters. Mardelle, Clarice ”Billy”, Francis, and Gladys. After Elizabeth Rule dies, Sydney married Willa May Warren.


1. William Hooper (b.Abt 1688-Linkinhome,Cornwall,England)

    sp: Honor Daw (b.Abt 1693-Linkinhome,Cornwall,England)

    2. Thomas Hooper (b.1722-Falmouth,Cornwall,England)

        sp: Mary Jesper (b.Abt 1726-of Linkinhorne,Cornwall,England)

       3. Jane Hooper (c.25 Dec 1750-Linkinhorne,Cornwall,England)

       3. Anne Hooper (b.21 Dec 1757-Linkinhorne,Cornwall,England)

       3. Mary Hooper (b.6 Mar 1752-Linkinhorne,Cornwall,England)

       3. John Hooper (b.14 Sep 1762-Linkinhorne,Cornwall,England)

       3. Anne Hooper (b.8 Apr 1763-Linkinhorne,Cornwall,England)

       3. Mary Hooper (b.8 Apr 1763-Linkinhorne,Cornwall,England)

       3. Thomas Hooper (b.Abt 1747-Perranzabuloe,Cornwall,England)

            sp: Jenefer Trevethan (b.1750-Perranzabuloe,Cornwall,England)

           4. Jenefer Hooper (b.Abt 1778-Perranzabuloe,Cornwall,England)

               sp: Edward Kernick (b.1774-Perranzabuloe,Cornwall,England;m.31 Aug 1799)

               5. Elizabeth Kernick (b.1801-Perranzabuloe,Cornwall,England)

                   sp: James Kernick (b.Abt 1796-Perranzabuloe,Cornwall,England)

                   6. Mary Ann Kernick (b.1825-Perranzabuloe,Cornwall,England)

                      sp: William Richards (b.1822-St. Agnes,Cornwall,England)

                       7. Anthony Richards (b.12 Mar 1849-Cornwall,England;d.6 Aug 1926)

                      7. William Richards (b.Abt 1854-St. Agnes,Cornwall,England)

                     7. Martha Richards (b.Abt 1856-St. Agnes,Cornwall,England)

                     7. James Richards (b.Abt 1859-St. Agnes,Cornwall,England)

                     7. Mary Ann Richards (b.19 Oct 1865-St. Agnes,Cornwall,England;d.9 Sep 1921)

                         sp: James Even Servers (b.15 Mar 1853-St. Vernon,Indiana;d.9 Sep 1921)

                         8. Mary Servers (b.Abt 1880-Hardin,Illinois)

                         8. Laurance DeWitt Servers (b.10 Aug 1880-Hardin,Illinois;d.31 Jan 1937)

                         8. Etta B. Servers (b.Abt 1882-Elizabethtown,Hardin,IL)

                         8. Daisy Servers (b.14 Dec 1885-Hardin,Illinois)

                         8. Minnie Servers (b.11 Feb 1888-Elizabethtown,Hardin,IL)

          4. Mary Hooper (b.2 Sep 1781-Perranzabuloe,Cornwall,England)

         4. Susanah Hooper (b.31 Aug 1782-Perranzabuloe,Cornwall,England;d.17 Dec 1783)

         4. Thomas Hooper (b.1786-Cornwall,England;d.19 Dec 1864)

              sp: Margery Bettens (b.1786-Cornwall,England;m.11 Feb 1804;d.Aft 1851)

             5. James Hooper (b.20 May 1804-St. Agnes,Cornwall,England)

                 sp: Mary  (b.1808-Perranzabuloe,Cornwall,England)

            5. William Hooper (b.1812-Perranzabuloe,Cornwall,England;d.Bef 1871)

               sp: Mary Ann  (b.Abt 1811-Perranzabuloe,Cornwall,England;m.Abt 1836;d.Bef 1880)

               6. Mary Ann Hooper (b.1836-Perranzabuloe,Cornwall,England)

               6. William Hooper (b.1837-Perranzabuloe,Cornwall,England)

               6. John Hooper (b.1840-Perranzabuloe,Cornwall,England)

               6. Thomas Hooper (b.Feb 1843-Perranzabuloe,Cornwall,England)

                  sp: Mary I.  (b.Dec 1844-Cornwall,England;m.1868)

                 7. Minnie Hooper (b.1869-Perranzabuloe,Cornwall,England)

                7. William Hooper (b.1870-Perranzabuloe,Cornwall,England)

               7. Mince Hooper (b.1875-Perranzabuloe,Cornwall,England)

          6. Jane Louise Hooper (b.25 Jun 1847-Perranzabuloe,Cornwall,England;d.27 Mar 1885)

            sp: William Hooper (b.Feb 1847-St. Agnes,Cornwall,England;m.3 Sep 1865;d.Aft 1900)

            7. Betsy Ann Rebecca Hooper (b.23 Jan 1870-Perranzabuloe,Cornwall,England;d.10 Oct 1936)

                sp: Edward William Kitto (b.26 Oct 1852-Grass Valley,N,Calif.;m.5 Nov 1887(Div);d.2 Feb 1913)

               8. Edward William Kitto (b.12 Aug 1888-Contrs Costa,California;d.7 Jul 1959)

                   sp: Julia Irene Canon (b.12 Jun 1903-Grass Valley,California;d.2 Feb 1965)

              8. Rebecca Jane Kitto (b.Jun 1889-Nevada City,Nevada,California)

              8. Ethyl Bessie Kitto (b.29 Feb 1892-Nevada City,Nevada,California;d.30 Aug 1949)

                sp: Albert Earnest Hampton (b.28 May 1870-St. Erth,Cornwall,En.;m.19 Sep 1915;d.4 Oct 1952)

             8. Russell H. Kitto (b.May 1893-Nevada City,Nevada,California;d.19 May 1903)

             8. Bessie Kitto

        7. William H. Hooper (b.May 1872-Cornwall,England)

        7. Sydney T. Hooper (b.20 Feb 1879-Nevada City,Nevada,California;d.10 Jan 1953)

           sp: Elizabeth Mary Rule (b.13 May 1883-Grass Valley,Nevada,Calif.;m.21 Nov 1900;d.3 Jan 1934)

          8. Elizabeth Mardelle Hooper (b.21 Feb 1914-Sacramento,Sacramento,California)

              sp: Frederick Homer Darr (b.7 Apr 1913-Elpaso,Texas;m.29 Jun 1932(Div);d.7 May 1987)

              sp: George Samuel Kirbyson

         8. Clarice Rule Hooper (b.14 Apr 1915-Sacramento,Sacramento,Calif;d.14 Apr 2007)

             sp: Douglas Clare Trimble (m.31 Mar 1941(Div))

         8. Leona Frances Hooper (b.23 Feb 1917-Sacramento,Sacramento,Calif.;d.19 Aug 1996)

            sp: William Raymond Bailey (b.10 Mar 1916-Seattle,King,Washington;m.26 Mar 1938;d.Sep 1966)

           sp: William Barwise

       8. Gladys La Verne Hooper (b.30 Jul 1919-Sacramento,Sacramento,C,United States;d.28 Apr 1992)

            sp: Cecil Clay Haskew (b.10 Aug 1914-Portales,RC,N,United States;m.19 Jun 1950;d.15 May 2006)

            sp: Charles Frederick Frank (m.Abt 1943(Div))

       sp: Willa May Warren (m.1953)

            7. Daisey Hooper (b.Abt 1890-Nevada City,Nevada,California;d.Abt 1890)

        6. Francis Hooper (b.1848-Perranzabuloe,Cornwall,England;d.31 Mar 1898)

            sp: UNKNOWN

           7. William Hooper (b.Abt 1871-England;d.14 Nov 1893)

      6. Mathew Hooper (b.Feb 1851-Perranzabuloe,Cornwall,England;d.14 Nov 1893)

          sp: Mary O.  (b.19 Nov 1863-England)

         7. Beatrice Birdie Hooper (b.8 Jul 1878-USA)

             sp: Earnest Sidney Mitchell (b.Apr 1876-England)

          7. Mathew Basil Charles Hooper (b.3 Oct 1885-Victoria,British Columbia)

         7. Charles Hooper (b.1886-Victoria,British Columbia)

         7. William John Hooper (b.24 Aug 1887-Victoria,British Columbia)

        7. Francis Hooper (b.17 Sep 1888-Victoria,British Columbia)

        7. Laura Edith Cecilia Hooper (b.28 Dec 1890-Victoria,British Columbia)

        7. Thomas T. Hooper (b.1 Jun 1892-Victoria,British Columbia)

     6. William Hooper (b.Feb 1853-Perranzabuloe,Cornwall,England)

     6. Lavina Hooper (b.Dec 1854-Perranzabuloe,Cornwall,England)

         sp: Charles Pinch (b.Sep 1853-England;m.Abt 1881)

         7. Fred J. Pinch (b.Nov 1883-Grass Valley,Nevada,California)

             sp: Mabel  (b.1882-California)

             8. Charles P. Pinch (b.1925-Grass Valley,Nevada,California)

        7. Lavina Pinch (b.Apr 1885-California)

            sp: Frank Collins

          7. Willie Pinch (b.Dec 1892-California)

     6. Ellen Hooper (b.Abt 1856-Perranzabuloe,Cornwall,England)

   5. Thomas Hooper (b.30 Oct 1813-St. Agnes,Cornwall,England;d.29 Oct 1884)

                sp: Johanna May (b.15 Jan 1818-Penhollow;m.1837;d.23 Dec 1901)

           6. Thomas Hooper (b.10 Sep 1838-St. Columb,Cornwall,England;d.18 Aug 1840)

           6. Selina Hooper (b.12 Jun 1841-Perranzabuloe,Cornwall,England;d.1926)

               sp: Isaac Chambers (m.1857)

           6. Thomas Hooper (b.12 Jun 1843-Trevoal,East Newlyn,Australia)

               sp: Georgehannah Grigg

          6. William Hooper (b.12 Dec 1845-Trevoal,East Newlyn,Australia;d.Apr 1848)

          6. Susanna Hooper (b.17 Dec 1847-Adelaide,South Austrailia;d.25 Aug 1915)

               sp: Frank Wilkins (m.28 May 1867)

          6. Johanna Hooper (b.2 May 1850-Bura,Austrailia;d.1937)

              sp: John Sinclair Hall (b.1847-Gardener,Brighton,Austrailia;m.29 Dec 1870)

          6. William Hooper (b.8 May 1852-Collingwood,Austrailia)

              sp: Maria Croft Patrick (b.1860-Fryers Creek Castlemaine;m.18 Apr 1881;d.Bef 1924)

              7. John Hooper (b.1881;d.1882)

              7. Ellen Maria Hooper (b.17 Feb 1883-Naringaminjalook,Austrailia)

             7. Lily Hooper (d.Bef 1924)

             7. May Hooper (d.Bef 1924)

             7. William George Hooper (b.1888-Austrailia)

             7. Alma May Hooper (b.1890-Austrailia)

             7. Edward Herbert Hooper (b.1893-Austrailia)

             7. Aubrey Thomas Hooper (b.1896-Austrailia)

             7. Lesle John Hooper (b.1898-Austrailia)

             7. Elsie Mira Hooper (d.Bef 1924)

         6. Matilda Hooper (b.5 May 1855-Ballarat,Austrailia;d.1936)

             sp: Samuel Harris Gribbin

            6. Louisa Hooper (b.27 Jan 1858-Ballarat,Austrailia)

            6. Emily Hooper (d.22 Sep 1944)

                sp: Herbert Richard Armstrong (m.1935)

         5. Martha Hooper (b.1825-Cornwall,England;d.1881)

              sp: Thomas George (b.1818-Of BRIGHTON,VICTORIA,AUSTRALIA;m.1845)

              6. John George (b.19 Jun 1846-Of BRIGHTON,VICTORIA,AUSTRALIA)

              6. James George (b.30 Jun 1848-Of BRIGHTON,VICTORIA,AUSTRALIA;d.24 Dec 1848)

              6. Charles George (b.14 Dec 1849-Of BRIGHTON,VICTORIA,AUSTRALIA;d.13 Dec 1850)

              6. Charles George (b.2 Mar 1852-Brighton,Victoria,Australia;d.1913)

                  sp: Mary Ann Allen

                   7. Charles Cutbert Albert George (b.1877-Cheltenham,Victoria,Australia)

                   7. Reginald George (b.1882-Cheltenham,Victoria,Australia;d.1882)

                   7. Beatrice Grace George (b.1885-Cheltenham,Victoria,Australia)

              6. Thomas Henry George (b.1 Jun 1854-Brighton,Melbourne,Victoria,Australia;d.24 Jan 1906)

                   sp: Emma Phoebe Jane Sheppard (b.12 Jun 1863-Brighton,Melbourne,Vic.,Au.;d.24 Aug 1940)

                     7. Francis Thomas George (b.1883-Brighton,Melbourne,Victoria,Australia)

                     7. Charles William George (b.17 Nov 1886-Brig,Austrailia;d.1968)

                         sp: Ellen Rita Roberts (b.Abt 1888-Mordiallock,Victoria,Australia)

                     7. Albert Robert George (b.6 May 1888-Brighton,Melbourne,Victoria,Australia)

                      7. Henry Edward George (b.1890-Caulfield,Victoria,Austrailia;d.1892)

                      7. Reginald Alexander George (b.24 Apr 1893-Caulfield,Victoria,Austrailia;d.7 Apr 1957)

                          sp: Florence Elizabeth Comber (b.1897-Surry,England;d.4 Mar 1958)

                            8. Audrey Gertrude George (b.17 Jan 1910-Mentone,Victoria,Austrailia)

                            8. Stanley Alfred George (b.Abt 1921-Victoria,Austrailia;d.25 Nov 1980)

                            8. Maurice Reginald George (b.Abt 1923-Victoria,Austrailia;d.14 Jul 1989)

                  5. John Hooper (b.1825-Cornwall,England)

                  5. Joseph Hooper (b.1827-Perranzabuloe,Cornwall,England;d.Aft 1891)

                      sp: Mary  (b.1831-Perranzabuloe,Cornwall,England;m.Bef 1851;d.Aft 1891)

                          6. Maria Hooper (b.1855-Newquay,Cornwall,England)

                          6. Selina Hooper (b.1858-Newquay,Cornwall,England)

                          6. John Henry Hooper (b.1861-Newquay,Cornwall,England)

                          6. Joseph Albert Hooper (b.1865-Newquay,Cornwall,England)

                   4. Susanah Hooper (b.3 Jun 1787-Perranzabuloe,Cornwall,England)

              3. Susannah Hooper (b.30 Apr 1748-St. Agnes Parish,Cornwall,England;d.30 Dec 1748)

              3. James Hooper (b.29 Jun 1750-St. Agnes Parish,Cornwall,England)

                   sp: Ann Berryman (c.19 Jan 1754-Lizard Point,Cornwall,England;m.24 May 1777)

               3. Richard Hooper (b.21 Mar 1753-St. Agnes Parish,Cornwall,England)

               3. Jane Hooper (b.28 Sep 1755-St. Agnes Parish,Cornwall,England)

          2. John Hooper (c.25 Jul 1718-Linkinhome,Cornwall,England)

          2. Honor Hooper (c.3 Mar 1720-Linkinhome,Cornwall,England)

         2. Mary Hooper (c.20 Nov 1726-Linkinhome,Cornwall,England

1. Simon Hooper (d.Jun 1847)

     sp: Margarett Tickett or Tickel (b.1801-Cornwall,England;m.27 Mar 1824;d.Aft 1871)

     2. William Hooper (b.1824-St. Agnes,Cornwall,England;d.Bef 1861)

         sp: Elizabeth  (b.1821-St. Agnes,Cornwall,England;m.1845;d.Aft 1871)

         3. William Hooper (b.Feb 1847-St. Agnes,Cornwall,England;d.Aft 1900)

             sp: Jane Louise Hooper (b.25 Jun 1847-Perranzabuloe,Cornwall,England;m.3 Sep 1865;d.27 Mar 1885)

             4. Betsy Ann Rebecca Hooper (b.23 Jan 1870-Perranzabuloe,Cornwall,England;d.10 Oct 1936)

                 sp: Edward William Kitto (b.26 Oct 1852-Grass Valley,Nevada,California;m.5 Nov 1887(Div);d.2 Feb 1913)

             4. William H. Hooper (b.May 1872-Cornwall,England)

             4. Sydney T. Hooper (b.20 Feb 1879-Nevada City,Nevada,California;d.10 Jan 1953)

                 sp: Elizabeth Mary Rule (b.13 May 1883-Grass Valley,Nevada,Calif.;m.21 Nov 1900;d.3 Jan 1934)

                 5. Mardelle

                 5. Biliie

                 5. Frances

                 5. Gladys

                 sp: Willa May Warren (m.1953)

            4. Daisey Hooper (b.Abt 1890-Nevada City,Nevada,California;d.Abt 1890)

                sp: Anna  (b.Jan 1850-England;m.Abt 1889)

         3. Elizabeth Hooper (b.1849-St. Agnes,Cornwall,England)

         3. Simeon Thomas Hooper (b.1850-St. Agnes,Cornwall,England;d.Aft 1881)

         3. Margaret Hooper (b.1852-St. Agnes,Cornwall,England)

         3. Maria Hooper (b.1854-St. Agnes,Cornwall,England)

         3. James Hooper (b.1856-St. Agnes,Cornwall,England)

     2. Thomas Hooper (b.1826-Cornwall,England)

     2. James Hooper (b.1828-St. Agnes,Cornwall,England)

          sp: Nanny Dyer (b.1831-Roche,Cornwall,England;m.Mar 1851;d.Aft 1891)

         3. Richard Hooper (b.1852-St. Cleer,Cornwall,England)

             sp: Ann Jane  (b.1854)

             4. Lillian Hooper (b.1877-St. Agnes,Cornwall,England)

             4. Amy Leanora Hooper (b.1878-St. Agnes,Cornwall,England)

             4. Seren Mary Hooper (b.1880-St. Agnes,Cornwall,England)

             4. Dorthy H. Hooper (b.1882-St. Agnes,Cornwall,England)

             4. Rich Erslyn Hooper (b.1884-St. Agnes,Cornwall,England)

             4. William Mitchell Hooper (b.1885-St. Agnes,Cornwall,England)

        3. Mary J. Hooper (b.1854-St. Cleer,Cornwall,England)

        3. James Hooper (b.1859-St. Cleer,Cornwall,England)

            sp: Abigal  (b.1862-Scotland)

        3. Sirena Ellen Hooper (b.1862-St. Cleer,Cornwall,England)

        3. Lora Helen Hooper (b.1862-St. Cleer,Cornwall,England)

            sp: Jones

            4. John Harold Jones (b.1883-St. Agnes,Cornwall,England)

        3. Reginald Thomas Hooper (b.1865-St. Cleer,Cornwall,England)

        3. Frederick William Hooper (b.1870-Perranzabuloe,Cornwall,England)

        3. Henry Johnson Hooper (b.1872-St. Cleer,Cornwall,England)

   2. John Hooper (b.1831-Cornwall,England;d.Aft 1871)

       sp: Mary Ann Munday Oliver (b.1828-Ruan Minor,Cornwall,England;d.Aft 1891)

       3. Clara Jane Hooper (b.1863-St. Agnes,Cornwall,England)

       3. Margaret H. Hooper (b.1865-St. Agnes,Cornwall,England)



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