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Haskew Families of USA England
Joseph and Lucy Letters




November the 21:1876


Mrs. Lucy Haskew

            Dear ant I seat myself in order to drop you a few lines from which you can learn that we arte all alive an well as comen an I hope those lines may find you all the same It has been some time since I have heard from you an I  want you to answer this as soon you can an let me no how you all are getting on . Ant  Lany is well an still stays at John Pearsons miss Pearson herself is ded she dide in June. uncle Billy is hear yet blind as a bat he is getting on tob???? His health is not good hear at late. you wanted to no if I had him to support. I had him on the??????. But it bin hard to get him dress as we only but I like it will be so he can get it after a little while. we haven’t heard a word from Lucious since march. the country  has bin in an whiter since the election an an strate yet I think when times get strate it will be beter an uncil billy will get his money. times is dull? Cotton is low. this fall. mothers health is not good but can kick up. I have had a heap of sickness in mi family this year. the scarlet fever amonst mi children but they are all got well an my baby is walking now. mi two olders is nearly grown. you must rite as  soon as you get this an let us hear from you. i will ??/ for the want of something to rite  your truly

                                                            Frank Townsend

I spoke about the election I did not tel  you  how it went. the democrats??/? ?/?/ ???/ Marlborough by a large majority for the first time since the war an we all hope for beter times an management. you must let me no how all your children is getting on

EDITORS NOTE.: . Ant Lany appears to be Lany Townsend age 56 listed as a servant for John Pearson age 80 an elderly farmer. Ruth Pearson married John Haskew about 1760 and they lived next to each others families in Three Creeks. Townsends also. 


Bennetsville SC

Sept the 23 1875


Dear sister an ant i take pleasure in droping to you those lines from which you will learn

that we are all alive an as well as is common we received your kind letter an was glad to hear from you again as far as I no the conection is well Liser is living on Ely Goodwin land an is getting on very well  she has had two children by her last husband but the oldest one is ded. sammy is not married yet. he lives there with his mother. I cant tell much about Catherine .I ant seen her since the war. she lives up in north Carolina but I don’t think she is doing so well. uncil billy is gon rite blind and is gon to house keeping with Lucious an Jane on the three creeks. wee don’t see him often now. ant Lany is well an doing well???? As far as thin nor fat concerned but she ant in no church yet. she stays a part of her time at Sarah Pearsons an a part at Nancy Pearsons an once in a while she stays a week or so with us. Mamy sed tell you that she feld older than you an she wants her lasts stays to be her best and she don’t expect to see you no more in this world but she wants to meet you in heaven. little Lany is well an doing wel.l crops is only tolerb? This year an cotton is only 11 and 12 cts bacon 20 cts corn1 30 flour 10 an 11 dollars dry goods chee ? frank has out 5 bales of cotton has sold two at 12:12 that don’t look like we get pay for own labor. frank is talking of  clearing some more land this fall I am going to give you mi childrens  names in rotation commencing at the oldest. James B., John F. ,Robert Sh?. ,Henry C. ,Fletcher, Albert R., Doctor F. ,an he is the boy after all he is a big fat fine boy to his age. mi litel girl is well and grows fast.  Mamy  sed tell you that Tom Haskew an his wife is geting on a litel better than common. it ant been long since mamy saw them. has there bin any worms in your country to eat up your garden. the gardens in Marlborough has bin eat up to the stems by a green fuzzy looking worm. tell Mary not to get out of heart because she has three babies to stand up to it with a good resolution an have 7 girls an then a boy an quit. then like me. so I will close mi lines asking you to look over hand riting an correct all mistakes an to rite soon an often to us?? Mamy an ant Lany talks a lot about you an wants to hear from you as often as possible they both look old but ? think they get on ?my well  ? this age so nothing more at this time rite soon an fail not I am the same

                        Frank Townsend

Riton by his wife Nellie Townsend








Bennetsville,SC May 2 1873


Dear anti, take mi pen in hand once more in order to drop you a few lines from which you will learn that we are all still living and  doing very well .i have had some sickness in mi family this year but they are all on the mend. I have wrote three times to you since I have had a letter from you but we all ant hear from you. i had I thought I rite again an see if I would hear from you. i have no thing of interest to rite since have has a very wet date cold spring. I ant slun? Planting yet a mother an cdnt??. Lany is as well as common. ant Lany is at mi house today today. uncil Billy is  well or at least he was this last time i saw him but he is about blind he cant see how to work ??/. all he ant been blind long it only com on him the first of this year. he is living below with  Lucious an I ant seen him rite latly. i have pade for my land. anti getting on very well with mi big family. I can tell you I have lived to see the eight child borned. it will be a month old the eighth of this month. it is a girl. I want you to rite to me as soon as this comes to hand an let me no how you an all your children is getting on. ant Lany wants you to let her hear from all your children an how they are all getting on an if any movd is married an how where they live from you an all about how many children your children has that is married I an how your own health is those days so I will close by asking you to write soon as you can so nothing more .

Frank Townsend to ant Lucy haskew


Augusta Geo. June 6 1864


Mrs Haskew,

Dear madam it is indeed with a very sad heart that I rite to you this morning to inform you of the illness of your son Mr. H.J.Haskew He was on his way to Virginia but when he got to this place, he was too ill to go further. May a Merciful god prepare you for what I have to say_Yes my Pour friend, Yesterday God thought it proper to take your handsome dear boy to himself .He died at one oclock P.M. yesterday. June the 5th . He got here about 8 days ago- his disease was typhoid pnenomonia.  I would have written to you sooner, but he was so very ill when he arrived , that I know you could not possibly get here in time to see him- but I’m sure it will be a great comfort to you to know, that ??  ?? attention imaginable. He was  at one of the finest Hospitals in the Confederacy and had constant attention from the best and kindest nurses day and night- I went to see him daily and sent him cake custard every day- He seemed to  care for nothing else and I kept him well supplied_ Occasionally he drank a little milk-I don not think he suffered much as he was in a stupor all the time, and would seldom rouse himself longer than was necessary to take nourishment when he was awake. He seemed quite cheerful yesterday (Sunday)when I went to the Hospital. I found him so very low, that  I would have given so much to been in my place- Yes, my unknown friend, my heart bled for you, and prayed for you & your dying boy!---Most tenderly was he prepared for ??ifference- so often seen in the Hospitals- He is buried in a beautiful cemetery in this city- The graves of the soldiers are numbered and their names registered by the section-

            I would have sent you some of his hair but it had been cut so close in order to keep damp cloths on it, that I could not get any for you.

            If I  have not told you as you wish to know, write to me and I will answer you with pleasure- I would have written to some one to have broken this sad news to you, but I only had your address from your son, which I got a few days before his death- hes very ???   ??/ except to ask for what he needed and slept nearly all the time- You may rely on all I said about the Hospital as I have no interest in praising it- I go there daily as a friend to our dear sick soldiers-I would be glad if you would let me know if you received my letter.

            Adieu my poor friend- Accept the sympathy of one who has known sorrow- for not  many yards from the spot where your dear son lies- I have a father and a husband---

            May God  strengthen and protect you----

            If you wish to write to me , my address is –

                                    Mrs.D? Sledge






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