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William and Jane Hooper

William and Jane Louise Hooper were married and had 2 children in England before leaving for the United states in the 1860's. Sydney was born in 1879 in California. Willaim and his family stayed in Michigan for a time. He was a tin miner in Cornwall England and a gold miner in California.
About 1500 AD the Ascue, Ayscough, or Askew family moved to Hopwas, near Tamworth, England. In order to distinguish themselves from their original family line, they took the H from Hopwas and added it to their name. So the story goes, that the name Haskew was first conceived.
The first written evidence is in the will of Henry Haskew in 1509. Later wills are of John Haskew (21/4/1544: Richard Haskew 12/10/1544: and John Haskewe 1558.

(6th edition- Patricia Ann Haskew (Van Der Valk) a compilation of information on Askew/Haskew origins. At Family History Center-Salt Lake City , Utah)
In her notes , Patricia mentions that religion eventually separated the family members. The Haskews were responsible for hiding priests when the Catholic religion was out of sorts. By doing so, many lost their wealth and lands. In her family line, the Catholic faith is predominant. In early 1950's Gladys Laverne Hooper Married Cecil "Clay Haskew, a widower with 3 sons. Gladys had one son , richard, from a previous marriage. together they had 2 more sons.

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