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Haskew Family Photos
Cecil Haskew family and Parents


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Joseph Birdwell Haskew and Mary Rebecca Roberson
This family lived in Tennessee- Parents of Sam

Samuel Brown Haskew and Winnie Josephine Post are the parents of Cecil Haskew. They met and married in Texas. Then they moved to New Mexico where they set in their roots. Cecil married  Helen Nancy Peterson, a Mormon girl he met in Sacramento, California. They had three sons Kenneth, Lonnie, and Ray before Helen unexpectedly passed away at age 30. Later Cecil married Gladys Hooper, a divorced mother  with a son Richard Sydney whom he adopted. They then had two more sons, Michael and Ralph.

Samuel Brown Haskew and Josephine Post
This family started in Texas and moved to New Mexico

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John Sidney Post and Emily Aramantha Barron
Parents of Whinnie Josephine Post

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Cecil Clay Haskew and Gladys Hooper
Family lived in California

L to R Kenneth,Lonnie,Ray,Michael,Ralph, RIchard

David, Mariah, and Tamara

Sarah, Michael, and Paul

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Annie Haskew White
Raised Cecil in the family after Josephine died

Richard Haskew and Noreen Carsten
This family located in Washington State

The kids wives and children are on the page called HASKEW KIDS